Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers

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I found the recent survey information from the National Association of Realtors absolutely fascinating! While it confirmed many stats I already suspected were true, I was surprised still at others. For example, did you know the median tenure of a home sold in Texas is 9 years? But median time on the market is only 4 weeks? Better pack up and say farewell to your neighbors quickly! Or, how about the fact that Texas homebuyers think the most difficult step in buying a home is finding the right property with paperwork coming in second?  As a Realtor, I think I can speak for others in my profession when I say we think finding the right property is the EASIEST step! Why? Because we're good at it and we have a passion for helping folks get where they want and need to be as soon as possible! We have technologically advanced tools and inside industry information to streamline this process so no need to fret about this one, however, we tend to agree on the paperwork! Although those pesky stacks of paper are all necessary to keep you informed and legally protected.

Other nuggets of information:

* Honesty and reputation are the most important factors when choosing an agent

* 31% of homes for sale 17 weeks or longer sold for less than 90% of listing price

* 88% of all Texans used the services of a real estate agent

* 81% of all Texans used a full-service agent

* 44% sold their home in TWO weeks or less

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